Sunday, July 26, 2009

Starting Post, a granular of sand on the infite beach of the interweb

Just writing here to commence the blog. I'll see what happens here, hopefully this will just be another space to escape for me. There is sure to be a lot of links to follow to the various worlds I involve myself in. I plan to advocate skepticism, not to be confused with cynicism (which is to not be further confused with the ancient school of Cynicism, see
I often use Wikipedia, I tend to check the references buy if I link to anything or am myself incorrect or ambigous I look forward to your corrections (for further contact details, see

To put a better purpose for the post I'd like to link to a podcast I look most forward to, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. The website can be found here (, it's a weekly podcast hosted by Steven Novella, a clinical neurologist, assistant professor and Director of General Neurology at Yale University School of Medicine (reference -
The podcast archive can be found here - -, or search for it in the itunes store or subscribe through the link of their RSS feed on their website.

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