Monday, August 17, 2009

A note from the creator of this blog.

I will be posting 2 blog posts today, I had a busy weekend but did a lot of thinking so if you only catch this post their will be, hopefully, another one before tonight. I would like to accentuate a few points here. They may be repeated in my next blog, it will be on skepticism so is related, but I would like to make them separately all the same.

Hey Jerks, leave a Comment.
Benjimine Franklin was once misquoted saying ""In this world there is nothing that is certain except death, taxes, and that if Uncle Sam had posted a blog it would be this one."
So far there has been no commenting here and a fair amount of commenting on my facebook links to the blog. I'm pretty sure it isn't that hard to post a comment here but I will do one as a test shortly, so could you please just pleasure me a little with some feedback and criticism.
Why comment?
Maybe you just want to put your word out, maybe you just like having your name attached to something as awesome as this blog? You might want to agree, you might want to disagree. If you want an argument about it leave a comment. If you want to lose that argument definitely leave a comment. If you want to suggest a topic, video, word of the blog, or ridiculous picture for me to use for a blog leave a comment. I would greatly appreciate notifications on spelling errors, grammatical errors, and unclear sentences (so far this has been done by Josh and Elwyn over messenger, thanks guys). However;

Think About It
If you want to criticise or argue here (and anywhere really) be prepared with a thought out argument and evidence to back it up. Check your definitions, check your sources. Anecdotes are not evidence, I do not care what your uncle's brother's sister's mother says she had happen to her unless she very carefully experienced it in a double blind test or if she has some level of expertise in the field. If you personally experienced something then you can tell me and I will ask you about it but first research into what you used and see if it can be simply explained (I suggest looking into the placebo effect and the natural history of disease).

Anyways, because you are all lazy i guess... whoever leaves the best comment of every post can have their name subliminally entered into the next post. Or... You can just have a dollar when I'm famous or something. Just do it.


  1. I want my name in the next post!
    So far I'm winning.

  2. You know Jesus was once misquoted as saying "Thou shalt not comment on Sam's blogs.".
    So it's Christianity's fault really.
    Of coarse I'll do anything to try to piss off Jesus so here is a comment for your pleasure and Jesus's displeasure.
    You're a whinger.

  3. The problem with skepticism is that it assumes that the kind of person who would argue is swayed by science & logic.
    If they were, they would not be into things like ear candles or homeopathy.

    "The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact." not everyone wants their beauty slain.
    And if they did they wouldn't be here.

    All I'm saying is you don't really expect a proper response, right?

    That being said, love your blog. Keep up the good work.


  4. In the interests of proper english, I would have you know Sam, that 'comment' shouldn't be capitalised. It is an improper noun, and assuming that you would argue by saying some nonsense like "but its in the heading d00d", I'd like to point out that "leave" is the only verb and in the heading and gets no capitals.

    "Capitalization is the difference between 'I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse' and 'I helped my Uncle jack off a horse'". - Some guy on

    hurr hurr.